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Itchy Witch. Pretty picture. The cards say so much. Only if we listen. The Incensewoman

Divination is the art of looking into and interpreting the future, and gaining “hidden” knowledge through intuition, the aid of a higher power, and/or the use of divining tools. Divination can be used to aid in decision making by basing your decision on the interpretation of the information received. By gaining an understanding of your situation and the possible outcome (nothing is ever set in stone), you can be better prepared to make a decision. You just have to remember that things can change. By receiving the information through divining, you may have altered your path and chosen a different way than if you had not divined at all. 

The type of divination you use will determine what kind of question(s) you ask. Some methods, such as the pendulum method, can only answer yes or no questions: “Should I get a second job?” Other methods work well with broader questions, such as “What will my life look like if I take on a second job?” Some forms of divination may not require a question at all, but will show you what you need to know in the momen

Harriet is the lover of rituals in contrast to magic that thrums through Mads and the magic that Salome breathes into life. She likes her magic controlled and oh so beautiful.


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