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WELCOME to The Nocturnal Cauldron, where the Magick brews.. 


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 The Nocturnal Cauldron 

Est. ~ Nov 3, 2017 ~

Birthed on the Spruz community and founded by a Gray Witch, Lady Shadow , who brings years of experience in community networks, coven work, and the Craft.We moved to NING in Decemebe rfrom Spruz. Although primarily a Witchcraft & Pagan Community we welcome all paths.

The Nocturnal Cauldron-

Home of Gray and eclectic Witchcraft. Where the old ways cross with some of the new ways. The Nocturnal Cauldron is a combination of social community, and on line BOS, a valuable resources for Witches, Pagans, Heathens, Occultists. 

  •    We offer study, and informational Groups in; Witchcraft, Paganism, Occult, Paranormal research and Esoteric studies.
  • We offer Social , Educational, Support and Resource groups and many more as well for members to engage.
  • ·       We promote exchange of ideas and self-expression,
  • ·        We provide a gathering place for anyone seeking   those of like mind and spirit, seeking friendships, mentors, and to mentor.
  • Past Events- In Chat have been  Free Intuitive Readings-  Taboo Chat- Sex Magick, Dolphin healing meditation.General fellowship.
. **Must be 21 and older to join**
However, if you seeking a date, this is not for you. If your seeking to troll or spam, not for you. If you are a funny fucker your not welcome. BS is not tolerated. Adult child, this is not a nursery.
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We remember the Victims of the Florida HS Shootings on Feb 14th

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