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Home of Gray and eclectic Witchcraft. Were the old ways cross with some of the new ways.The Nocturnal Cauldron is a combination of first a social community, and on line BOS, a valuable resources for Witches, Pagans, Heathens, Occultists.
We offer study, and informational Groups in; Witchcraft, Paganism, Occult, Paranormal research and Esoteric studies.and Occult Library,
We offer Social , Educational, Support and Resource groups and many more as well for members to engage.
We promote exchange of ideas and self-expression,
We provide a gathering place for anyone seeking those of like mind and spirit, seeking friendships, mentors, and to mentor.
. **Must be 21 and older to join**
However, if you seeking a date, this is not for you. If your seeking to troll or spam, not for you. If you are a funny fucker your not welcome. BS is not tolerated. Adult child, this is not a nursery.

   Must be 21 and older 

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The.altar is an adaptable workplace, a miniature theater of props and players that is flexible enough to host all manner of productions and the witch is the director of those plays. Magick is then the cosmic poetry enacted upon that stage, and that becomes an art form. The key component is the creativity that ignites the senses and imagination to be in alignment with inherent divinity. Every choice after that is yours to make; there are no other universal requirements.

An altar can be a permanent table you use in a special room designated for spiritual, and or magickal work. It can be a table you put up and take down after use. You can also find portable altars in various forms and shapes. From briefcase type carrying cases where you can store your altar items, so simple tables you set up and collapse to put away out of sight. There are many sites online that offer altar tables, but don't rule out some enterprising shopping at your local stores.

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How to smudge your altar and tools:

First, light one of the candles on your altar. Take a couple of deep breaths. If you believe in prayer, now is a good time to pray and ask for God’s/the Universe’s/deity’s love to fill your space and help guide your movements.
Use your dominant hand to hold one end of the sage bundle over the candle’s flame to light it. It will start smoking and you will see slight red embers at the end of the sage bundle.
Hold your abalone shell or clay fireproof bowl with your non-dominant hand and underneath of the sage to catch any falling ashes as the sage burns.
Say out loud, “with this sage smoke, I cleanse my space and tools of all negative energy so that they may be used for my highest good.”
Using the smoke from the sage bundle, gently blow the smoke over your altar and sacred tools. As you do this, visualize the smoke cleansing away any negative energy. (NOTE: Some people prefer to leave the sage bundle in the shell/bowl while fanning the smoke with a feather, but the choice is up to you.)
Once you’ve cleansed your entire altar and tools with the sage smoke, you may smother the burning sage in the abalone shell or put it out in a bowl of salt

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Magick is finding your connection to the Earth and all that is natural, alive and moving in the universe! It binds all that exists together. 

Magick is living in balance with the flow of life, and knowing that you are a vital force within that flow. Magick is everywhere! In the trees, rain, stars, and in the sea. It is the spark that quickens a seed to rise up from the soil. 

Magick is laughter, joy, wonder and truth the of the world around us! It is the subtle enchantment that reminds us not to waste a single moment of this gift that we call life!

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Magick is not greed, or power, or pretense...It is real. It exists. And it works. 
Magick is the mystery that lies in the secret soul of the world. It is the essence of creation. What we imagine, we have the power to create! 

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With it you can create your dreams, heal your world, love your life and find the peace that lives in every human heart. 

Author Unknown 


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